Surrounding and Sights

  • Vilsandi
    In Mustjala main village there is a shop, post office, summer café "Käsitöösahver" and artgallery "Musta Jala gallerii". There is also a playground for children, 1 km.
  • In Mustjala there are two churces: Mustjala Anna Church (Lutheran; 1863) and Saint Prophet Elias Orthodox Church (1873). The first archbishop of Finland's orthodox church, Herman (1878-1961), served as the vicar of Mustjala parish in 1911-1923.
  • Folkloristic open-airplay "Mustjala pulm", Mustjala wedding
  • Mustjala Music Festival in July
  • Summer café, Ranna Villa Highland cattle farm, 4 km
  • Swimming on a natural beach at Küdema bay, 4 km, another long beach at Tagalaht bay, 12 km. Beach and summer café also at Saaremaa's biggest lake, Karujärv, 15 km.
  • The Küdema kurisu, Küdema village, 7 km, behind sand dunes, which are ancient remnants of the Littorial Sea, there is a depression of karstland, where the stream from Ohtja lake is swallowed into the ground. Same kind of a river is Kalja starting from Karujärve lake and disapearing in the ground at Kalja kurisu, 5 km from Mustjala village towards Kihelkonna, signed by "Matkarada". On the slopes of the Littorial dunes you can also find chanterelles from July until October.
  • Ninase village windmills „Eit and Taat“, "Rustic old man and spouse", 7 km
  • Old coastal artillery casemates, built by the Soviet Army in 1939 according to the treaty between Soviet Union and Estonia, Ninase, 8 km
  • Saaremaa cruise and yacht harbour, cafeteria "Rotterdam" in summertime, Ninase, 8 km
  • Tagaranna, well-preserved fishing village, which received the "Kaunis Eesti kodu" (beautiful Estonian home) award in 2009, nearby there are ruins of a Soviet Army missile base, and Ninase limestone cliff (1 km long and 5 meters high) with the m/s Estonia's memorial, 10 km
  • The Panga Pank limestone cliff (2,5 km long and 21 meters high), 18 km
  • Mustjala Mustard, mustard manufacturing, Pahapilli village, next to Panga, 17 km
  • Vilsandi National Park, nature conservation area, fine long dune beach, 29 km, Kihelkonna
  • Kaali meteorite crater, Estonia's most unique geological object. It is estimated that the meteor fell in the year 700 B.C. The crater has a diameter of 110 meters and in the crater there is a lake, which has a diameter of 50 meters. 18 km from Kuressaare towards Kuivastu.
  • Angla windmills and Heritage Culture Centre, Leisi, 42 km.
  • Kuressaare town, 30 km, bus connection from Mustjala 3-4 times daily, except once on Sundays, timetable: see Links.
  • Bishop's castle, Kuressaare town centre, best preserved medieval fortress in the Baltic countries, museum of Saaremaa's history and nature, behind the castle there is the beach of Kuressaare.
  • Saare Golf (18 holes), 2 km from Kuressaare town centre
  • For summer events 2019 on Saaremaa see: "Links".